There are a  wide range of affiliated and unaffiliated horse classes to choose from this year including the following:

Affiliated Classes: RoR, Children's Ridden Show Pony, Registered Welsh A B C & D, Mountain & Moorlands and Shetlands

Unaffiliated Classes: Ridden Hunters, Working Hunters, In Hand Hunters, Veterans, Coloureds, Traditional Cobs and Pony Club

Supreme Horse Champion The judging of the Supreme Champion will take place in the main ring at approximately 12.30pm.

Team Show Jumping: Our popular Show Jumping competitions will be back again this year. Entry can be by teams of 4 or as an individual. There will be 4 height classes from 70cm - 1m.

For more information on all of these events please make contact with the relevant person shown opposite or download the appropriate schedule and application form.

On-Line entry will be open from 1st June 2019.

In addition to the classes shown above , we will be hosting an Inter-hunt Relay in the main ring from 4.30pm.

Equine Flu Vaccinations
Following the outbreak of Equine Influenza, Kington Show will follow the advice given by the ASAO and adopt the following policy with regard to vaccinations:

Horses must have been vaccinated to comply with the requirements of the primary course (1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccination between 21 – 92 days later), followed by the first booster (150 – 215 days) and all subsequent boosters.  Horses may compete having received the primary course and prior to the first booster but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose.

Horses must have been vaccinated within 6 months before the show but not less than 7 days of arriving at the show. 

In-foal mares that have already had vaccinations of primary Equine Influenza course should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before the foal is due to be born.
Foals should be vaccinated for Equine Influenza at 6 months to commence their primary course.

Vaccinations are subject to local risk assessments by the attending veterinarians.

Please note that neither vaccination certificates nor passports should be sent to the show office prior to the event. However, random checks will be carried out on the showground during the show.

Schedules and Entry Forms will be available from April 2019

Horse & Livestock Secretary
Gaynor Kirkham-Painter
T 01547 529298
E [email protected]

Team Show Jumping
Roz Hughes
T 01544 340227
E [email protected]

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